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Ethylene oxide (EO) is the leading technology for the sterilization of medical devices. This method is widely used because it avoids the heat and radiolytic stress often associated with steam or radiation sterilization. The compatibility of EO with a wide range of materials coupled with the flexibility of the process, are some of the advantages of this method. This effective sterilization methodology provides a reliable method for the growing sterilization needs where sensitive single use devices and combinations of medical devices, materials and packaging are placed into a single complex kit. EO’s popularity continues to growth and experts agree that it will remain the dominant sterilization technology long into the 21st century.


Basically, 2 sterilization chambers of aprox. 50m3 and one of 2m3, allows the processing of about 20.000 pallets per year. Faster release of products to market is achieved through aeration chambers, dedicated to each sterilizer, which reduces EO residuals sterilization.

Faisal Pharma provides technical professionals dedicated to help manufacturing facilities to fit their unique EO sterilization requirements and to keep their medical device sterilization in regulatory compliance with increased productivity. All programs are performed by equipment commissioned to the guidelines published in BPC



Faisal Pharma always had and still has as one of its main objectives produce high quality and meeting the requirements of its customers and the market in general as well as all applicable legal requirements.
Therefore Faisal Pharma bet on the implementation and constant updating of a quality control system that currently has decades of experience.
In this sense always equipped its laboratories with modern testing equipment in order to be able to test and control everything it produces in accordance with all applicable directives, and in order to fully satisfy all requirements of a very diverse and demanding market for which they work.
Although the quality control laboratory is integrated in the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 company Certification, it is not formally accredited, but given our vast experience and technical capacity we have decided to offer the laboratory service testing, which initially was only for internal use, to customers and suppliers and all those who seek very specific and differentiated tests according to the applicable standards, most of them related to the control of Medical Devices.



In case of pharmaceutical products, perhaps more than anywhere else, packaging makes a lot
of difference. It has to guarantee product stabilities within specified time frames, ensure safe
& secure storage and transport of the product until final use.
Apart from preserving product itself, packaging offers important features like child resistance,
tamper evidence, protection against counterfeiting as well as increased patient convenience.
We are a winner through our selection of appropriate packaging for each of our products.
We also offer customized packages to our customers to achieve the market intensive needs
of our customers. Packaging facilitates product traceability and provides higher protection
against counterfeiting & products safety.