Welcome To Faisal Pharmaceutical Industries (FPI)

We, Faisal Pharmaceutical Industries (FPI), are one of the growing pharmaceutical firms in pakistan. we have gained renowned expertise in providing quality surgical dressings to our customers. we develop and market surgical dressings that help healthcare professional treat patents more effectively and patients get back to their normal lives faster. the manufacturing facility is and located in Faisalabad, the 3rd largest city in Pakistan.

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of these products. our prime export destinations are Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Botswana and Malaysia.

To ensure quality and efficiency in our products, we have the certification of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2008. our quality policy is full concerned for maintaining quality standards at each stage in the manufacturing process which makes us quality conscious and passionate for doing excellent business practice. our facility is fully equipped with proper Sterilization system including HEPA filters, which create positive pressure to ensure a germ free environment in the facility.

Our products are sterilized from ethylene oxide gas & gamma radiation to ensure the prevention of bacteria.

In order to achieve the demanding quality standards expected in the international markets, technical experts oversee the critical areas of production and quality control to ensure an uncompromising adherence to quality control. All gauze products made and packed in a controlled environment, which has been designed as per class A area and B area.

We are committed to constant research and development to ensure product quality and to evolve new product variants that will cater to the ever-changing needs of the world’s most discriminating customers.

Going global!

Future Plans

We are looking to expand to such parts of the world where we believe we can find business partners who are not only interested in importing our products to their home countries but also forging a long-term mutually viable and gainful relationship. We seek to establish and maintain our presence in countries in the Far East, Middle East and the African continent where the need of healthcare products is on a higher side and we see a gap in the demand fulfillment of the masses in these regions with a belief that we can fulfill this chasm.

The surgical dressings segment, in which we operate continue to represent a good share of revenues in the pharmaceutical industry the world over. With highest quality at affordable cost, our products are an ideal as much for the people in international markets as they are for those in Pakistan. Pakistan Sri-Lanka Kyrgyzstan